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Hello there!

I'm an illustrator + graphic designer with a degree in advertising. If you're a small business like me, I'd love to help you out with your branding requirements. I wear many hats and because I've diversified my skills, I am able to run my own stationery business all by myself. I'm the sole designer of this website that you're on currently, including all the designs, the logo, and the product photography to name a few, it's also kind of my biggest live portfolio. Based on your requirements, you can hire me for:

Logo copy.png

Logo Design

Logo is the most important tool in the toolkit of your small business. A well designed and appropriate logo speaks volumes for your brand even before people have had a chance to see your products. I can create logos based on line art, lettering, icons, doodles and typography.

Thank You Card

Branded thank you cards take your small business packaging up several notches! Nothing feels more heartfelt than adding a thank you card to your package that conveys your brand's story to your customer.

Wondering what to say? Don't worry, I can help you with the design + content of your thank you card.

tissue paper copy.png

Branded Tissue Paper

The final step to making your small business stand out amongst the rest. Branded tissue papers are the real deal for those small business who are willing to leave a lasting impression on all their customers.

Gift Hampers

Are you a stationery lover looking for gift hampers that are stationery-based? Maybe they include handmade journals, bookmarks with quotes of your favorite classic novels, and themed journaling goodies?


I can help you curate the perfect hamper!


Social Media Services

If you're looking for someone to help you guide through this vast world of Instagram, whether it's content, reels, captions, graphics, or overall social media strategy, I'm here for you!

Or shoot me an email at with your details + budget


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