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Self-Love Journaling Prompts for May

So I've been teasing with the idea of doing another journal prompts challenge type-ish thing for weeks now and I know this is SO last minute but I just thought, hey, why not?

After last year's Journotober (SO MANY OF YOU JOINED ME, WE got like 700+ posts in a month, so unbelievable, RIGHT??) I've settled on an 18-day self-love journaling challenge spread over a month. Primarily so that it doesn't get too overwhelming but it's still enough to let the whole challenge feel cohesive and exciting. I invite you to join me in it!! Since there are only 18 days, you can try to create a journal spread 4-5 days a week.

The intention behind this journaling challenge is to spend this month looking within ourselves and really dive deeper into some of the most important questions in life. You could create collages for the prompts or just write till your heart bleeds, anything works as long as you're really being true to yourself and letting out whatever is inside you.

If you're someone who doesn't have much experience with journaling or might just be journaling for the first time, don't worry. These prompts are beginner-friendly and easy to follow. All you gotta do is pick a notebook (or the notes app on your phone) and start writing down whatever each of these prompts makes you feel, what they mean to you, and explore how far do your thoughts go when you really think about them. Do this for at least 10-15 minutes every day and you're set! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

Here are the prompts, you can follow them in any order and tick them off the list once you do:

  1. I feel peaceful when...

  2. I'm grateful for

  3. 5 things I like about myself

  4. Advice I'd love to give to my younger self

  5. My happiest memory

  6. I'm proud of...

  7. What inspires me the most?

  8. My current favorite songs

  9. Places I'd love to visit

  10. What an ideal Sunday looks like

  11. I should say "yes" more often to...

  12. My favorite meal

  13. What calms me down?

  14. In the next 5 years, I will...

  15. My friends and family

  16. I want my future to have...

  17. I love waking up to...

  18. What can I forgive myself for?

You can save this image I've created to reference later:

I can't wait to do this challenge with you guys!! I'll be starting on May 1st and sharing my journal spreads on my IG @workdeart and you can use the hashtag #journalwithshilpa if you happen to share it on your Instagram as well!

But it's totally alright if you don't decide to share your spread because well, look at the prompts again, I know shit is going to get real. (I hope it does) I probably won't share my final spreads as well (because they can end up being so personal, you know?) but I'm really looking forward to creating something with you guys again!!

Let's do this!!



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