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Gifting Ideas For That Stationery Nerd

If you tend to lose your friend in an art supplies store, or a stationery store, or sometimes even in a bookstore, congratulations! You've got yourself a stationery nerd. Now whether you're reading this for a friend, or you're a stationery nerd yourself and want to hint at your friends on what to gift you, I got you. Now, I may be a little biased since this list only contains products that I've designed and curated, but I promise you it'll be worth your time.

Here are some gifting ideas for that stationery nerd whom you call your friend:

Gifts under ₹500

Notepads are one of the most versatile gifts you could gift anyone. It comes down to which notepad is perfect from whom.

Your friend who works at the bank? Give them a Things To Do notepad to write down their to daily to-do lists and check them off as they're done.

Your friend who loves to scribble and doodle in middle of a boring lecture? Gift them a Blank or A Dot Grid notepad to create the amazing stuff that they do.

Your friend can never keep a track of their groceries? Gift them a Magnetic Grocery List notepad!

Really, the possibilities are endless.

Just the perfect thing you can gift someone who loves all things handmade. There's very less things in life that can match the level of love that's poured in a hand-stitched journal and if you or your friend realises this, you've got yourself some very elite thoughts. I've got plenty of options depending on the cover of the journal, size, pages inside and even customisations! If you find anything on my website that 50% matches what you want, hit me up with your idea and I'll see what we can do to make it come to life.

Well, it's no surprise if you know me here through my Instagram, but I'm a huge fan of journaling and it's kind of why I started this business. To provide creative, high quality journaling supplies to all your little journalists out there. So if journaling is something that you think your friend will enjoy, give them something to start their journey with!

Who doesn't love bookmarks? Do I even need to explain why they're literally the best thing ever? I've even got some customised bookmark options that you can get personalised with quotes and such. Here's where you can see all the bookmarks I have got in store.

Help your friend brighten up their room or desk space! These journal art prints are full of positivity, courage and intentionality. Gift it to someone who'd love to be reminded of how special they are, everyday!

Gifts under ₹1000

Easily my favourite category on my website yet. Journal bundles are packed with some of the best bits of many different journaling supplies all put together for under one theme. Whether it's someone who loves flowers, or autumn, or the summer or pastels, there's a bundle for each of your friends.

Whether it's for gratitude journaling, meal planning, being strategic about your day or your week, these productivity notepads are just the thing you need. Complete with prompts to guide your thought process and help you categorise your thoughts and tasks.

  • Gratitude Notepad: For the friend who you know have got so much to be grateful for.

  • Everyday Notepad: For the friend who's got a busy work schedule that needs some managing.

  • Meal Planner: For the friend who wants/loves to plan their meals, as well as cooking food at home.

  • Weekly Notepad: For the friend who needs to keep a track of all the different commitments they've got going in the week.

(Just Launched!!) The Art Journal Box at 20% off with Free Shipping!

Now we're talking. What's better than to gift a complete DIY Kit that your friend can use to start their journaling journey from scratch? This Art Journal kit was long due, we all know it. So here it is. The best part is you can pick your choice of handmade journal (made by yours truly) and journal bundle (curated by yours truly) along with extra journaling supplies + washi tape swatches + two artistic pens. Really, this Art Journal Kit is the bomb.

That's all for today, folks! Happy gifting season :)

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